Mama, You Got This

Book Review Nov 13, 2021

My review

4/5 stars

Emma Bunton, best known for being a Spice Girl, is not someone I'd normally think of for parenting advice. It's out there though, a book she's written on the very subject. Having just had another baby and spotting it at my local library, my curiosity was piqued enough that the book came home with me.

The book is a mix of Emma's personal experiences and feelings, and advice from experts on a variety of topics. Emma herself runs a baby nappy brand, so she comes equipped with stats and statistics to back up what she's saying, but isn't afraid to share the things that she's found challenging as a mum of two.

My favourite thing about this book is the tone; everything is very conversational and open. There is a distinct lack of judgement and every option is explored as a valid choice. It all felt very inclusive and non-threatening, which is vital as a new mum but sadly not something that all parenting books achieve.

The tone of the expert advice sections was a little closer to what I would expect from traditional parenting books, but I guess it needs to be to convey the right information. The entire book was very helpful in terms of content, and managed to express many great tips without being overwhelming.

This would make a lovely gift for a new mum, as a gentle yet useful guide to the earliest days.

Book blurb

I love being a Spice Girl, but what I am proudest of is being a mum. Even though I had all the real-life girl power of the actual Spice Girls on speed-dial, my incredible partner and my mum, I had so many worries and questions I couldn't always ask out loud. What I really, really wanted was one, easy-to-read, honest book that would give me support without judgement - that might even make me chuckle occasionally.

So, I've written it for you! I've included all my stories about what that precious, exhausting first year was like for me, and I've also asked some brilliant experts for their help too, including a paediatric sleep consultant, a trusted NCT counsellor, a mindfulness coach, and no-less than five amazing midwives and doulas.

I want you to feel like you've got this. Because guess what mama? You have!


You can buy the book here now. It was published by Ebury Press.

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