Tap To Tidy by Stacey Solomon

5 Stars Apr 03, 2021

My review

5/5 stars

I know that Stacey Solomon is someone who can divide opinion (as all of us are!), but I think she's inspiring and brilliant. So when I heard she had released a book about organising her home (one of my favourite topics) I was curious to read more.

Stacey's easy-going, warm personality seeps through the pages in her conversational writing style. She gives funny, relatable insights into her family life that feel very natural as part of the book's narrative. Most importantly for me, she is clear from the start that this is book is not intended as a directive on how every reader should act in their own homes; it is pitched as a look at how she organises her home life, that is primarily meant to entertain and may possibly spark some ideas, and that is exactly how it lands. It's very easy for books of this nature to come across as instruction manuals (even by accident), so it's lovely that the right balance has been struck here.

My favourite aspect of the book was the honesty and realism that it was written with. Throughout each section, Stacey is transparent about the fact that her house is never completely tidy. It is so easy for everyone to believe the picture-perfect social media feeds and ignore what is likely going on behind the scenes; Stacey is upfront from the start about her behind the scenes. She discusses that her motivation for organising her house is to make her life a bit easier and because she enjoys the process (as it relaxes her). The idea behind her systems is not that nothing will ever be out of place, but that when things do inevitably get messy, they are easier to tidy up. Looking at home organisation through this lens instantly takes the pressure to have a "perfect" house away and makes it about why you organise in the first place instead of the end product. In today's age of people only showing the highlight reels of their lives on social media, exposure to realism like this is invaluable. Another thing that takes the pressure of is the fact that Stacey isn't a professional - I always enjoy reading books like this from people who aren't doing it as a living. The fact that it's a hobby and not a job for them makes what they're talking about feel more attainable.

My final point on why I love this book is that it is just so unbelievably pretty. Everything, from the cover, to the choice of font, to the black and white illustrations dotted throughout, is so pleasing to the eye and really adds something to the reading experience.

I'm not sure how many of Stacey's tips and techniques I'll try in my own home if I'm being honest (I don't have the patience to be shaping fruit like animals or hanging my crisps packets in my cupboards), but her book has certainly inspired me to get stuck back into my own home organisation projects (and to spend more time on Pinterest!). This book won't change your life, but it is an inspirational and entertaining read for anyone who enjoys a good tidy!

Book blurb

If you're reading this, then we have something in common .... Whether it's a love of getting crafty, meticulously organising or making fun-shaped snacks!

I find it hard to sit still, but losing myself in a craft project or tidying a drawer is my form of meditation. It's a chance for me to forget about the things going on in the world around me for a minute.

I hope this book helps you to lose yourself for a moment, too - and that you enjoy reading it and even, maybe, having a go at some of the bits inside.

Lots of Love, to the moon and back

Stacey x


You can buy the book here (I normally link to the Kindle edition, but seriously this one is so pretty it's worth buying a physical copy!). It was published by Ebury Press.

For more on the author, you can follow her on Instagram or head over to her Goodreads page.