The Home Edit Life by Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin

Book Review Oct 02, 2020

My review

4/5 stars

I recently binged the whole of The Home Edit Netflix series in 2 evenings. It made me want to read their books, and this one is the newest release so I've started here.
Anyone who is coming to this book looking for all the answers on how to organise their homes will be disappointed; that isn't the purpose of this book. I've read a few reviews of the book where people are bitter about the fact that it just seemed to be a load of pretty pictures of other people's organised spaces. In my opinion, that's what this book is supposed to be: coffee-table inspiration to spur people into action in their own homes. The authors can't possibly give you all the answers, because they're not in your home to see how you use the space or following your routine to help you set up the right system.

This is (as I saw someone online describe it) organising porn. They've focused on some of the more awkward things that we accumulate in life and how to keep them neat and organised, such as pet supplies, workout gear and office supplies.

It provides beautiful imagery, which for me personally pushes me to want to make my own spaces look at least something in the same ballpark as what's in front of me. It also provide some practical tips on how to get started; the authors walk us through their process for that particular space in easy-to-follow steps to help provide insight into the logic they're applying. It's enough to give anyone a head-start on their own organisation without being prescriptive or regimented.

For me though, what really sets this book apart from others of it's kind is it's humour. A big part of the reason that Clea and Joanna are as popular and successful as they are (other than their amazing rainbow-themed organisation skills) is their sense of humour as they work, and the way they bounce off each other. That relationship spills through the pages and makes what they are doing feel very accessible - they are willing to make fun of themselves and each other, admit to their own flaws and confess to the things that they aren't as good at. It makes them human and absolutely makes the book flow better.

The missing star is because some of the examples given don't feel very relatable. They've focused on celebrity houses that they've been asked to organise (probably because the budgets are bigger and the end results are more visually impressive) but it's hard to draw inspiration from organising a pug's extensive wardrobe, for example. It would have been great to see some more "normal" houses and their end results to help bring it to life a little more.

This book definitely helped me slowly come down from my Netflix show high and gave me an extra push to start organising my own spaces (though I know my house will never look like anything in those pictures!)

Book blurb

The New York Times bestselling authors and stars of the upcoming Netflix series The Home Edit teach you how to apply their genius, holistic approach to your work life, on-the-go necessities, and technology.

When at home or on the go, you don't have to live like a minimalist to feel happy and calm. The Home Edit mentality is all about embracing your life--whether you're a busy mom, a roommate living with three, or someone who's always traveling for work. You just need to know how to set up a system that works for you.

In the next phase of the home organizing craze, Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin go beyond the pantry and bookshelf to show you how to contain the chaos in all aspects of your life from office space to traveling bags to pet supplies and holiday storage. Take quizzes and get to know your organizing style, tailor it to your family's lifestyle, and lead the low-guilt life as you apply more genius ideas to every aspect of your life.

Clea and Joanna are here to remind you that "it's okay to own things" (we all do!) in the quest for pretty and smart spaces. With The Home Edit Life, you'll be corralling phone cords, archiving old photos, packing your suitcase like a pro, and arranging your phone apps by color in no time.


You can buy the book here now. It was published by Mitchell Beazley.

For more info on the authors, you can follow them on Instagram (which I highly recommend if you're into organising anything at all!), check out their website, or take a look at their Goodreads page.