This Is Me by Mrs Hinch

Book Review Jun 01, 2021

My review

4/5 stars

I've been following Mrs Hinch on Instagram for a couple of years now and love her cleaning posts (probably a little more than I should), so I thought it would be interesting to learn a little more about the woman behind the social media account.

I found a down-to-earth, honest, open, heartfelt account of what the author's life has been like for the past few years. She covers a lot of ground, including the growth of her account, her relationship with her husband, how she feels about becoming a mum and home improvements.

Anyone who is expecting Pulitzer prize winning writing has ridiculous standards and will be disappointed. What you get instead is someone who has poured their personality into their book and is not afraid to be themselves. She has bravely opened up about the effects that trolling has had on her life since she started her account, and how she has handled having anxiety through all of her success. It takes courage to lay yourself out on the pages like that, and the way that Mrs Hinch does it is very endearing.

The content was repetitive in places, with the same stories and anecdotes references in different chapters, and while it was a little annoying at times, it did a good job of reflecting how the human brain can work sometimes when trying to get everything out on paper; it also served to endear me to the author even more, as it was evident she was nervous about being so open and vulnerable. The one repetition that I did find really annoying was how she kept drawing attention to the fact that she'd paid full price for things - I understand bringing it up so that people understand she's not cashing in on her "fame", but it was mentioned so many times that it ended up feeling a little crass.

Despite this, I found the book to be a very easy read, and enjoyed learning more about one of my favourite social media personalities; it made her even more relatable. Anyone who follows Mrs Hinch should find this an interesting read.

Book blurb

Well guys, here we are! What an absolute whirlwind of a journey this has been so far.

So much has happened in the last couple of life-changing years and I'm so excited to share it with you all: my Hinchers. You have been right by my side for every step of the way and I honestly couldn't have done it without the amazing love and support from this incredible family we've built together.

It's often felt like a fairy tale but it hasn't always been easy, and I'm going to let you in on the highs and the lows as well as my biggest fears and my darkest challenges. Because this book right here, is me.

This is me: Soph - the wife, the mother and the person behind Mrs Hinch.

So let's do this! Put your Hinch Lists to one side, get comfy and join me on the sofa with a cuppa. Welcome to my world.

This is my story.


You can buy the book here now. It was published by Michael Joseph.

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