Winter's Snow by Carrie Hope Fletcher

Book Review Apr 13, 2022

My review

4/5 stars

This short novella came to me in a bag of books that my Mum thought I might like to read before she passed them on. I'm not sure where or how she came about having it, as she doesn't seem to have the novel that it's paired with, but I decided to kill half an hour with it.

It's a lovely short story (coming in at around 40 pages long) and packs a surprising emotional punch given its length. The idea that the story (and apparently it's parent novel) explores is an intriguing one - having to unburden life's heaviness in the afterlife before you can fully experience what comes next. This novella is written from the male protagonist's point of view, whereas the parent novel appears to focus on the female protagonist's version of events.

I didn't feel like I suffered immensely for not having read On The Other Side first, but serious spoiler alert obviously. The length of the book did not hamper the author's ability to create a well-formed story that stood mostly on it's own. I've read another of the author's books previously, so I'm not surprised that I enjoyed her writing style. I'm curious to go and read the first part of the story, even though I know how it ends.

Book blurb

Prove yourself worthy.
Prove yourself true.
Fight like you didn't
and she'll come to you.

Evie Snow was the love of Vincent Winters' life, and of every lifetime he would ever live, but they didn't get the ending they wanted. He never stopped loving her though and he never, ever, forgot about her.

Suddenly Vincent has the chance to right an old wrong and to finally prove himself worthy of Evie's love - he just needs to get to her first.

As Vincent begins the journey of a lifetime, he learns more about love than he ever thought possible, and somehow, some way, he may also find his way back to the only woman he ever truly loved . . .


You can buy the book here now. It was published by Sphere.

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